Why Astrology ?

Why the life of every human being on this earth,is different from each other ? Common person don’t have any answer to this questions ,however, by using astrology we can predict the destiny of any individual and can answer this question.Every individual is born under different planet’s transit & under different Nakshatra’s. Due to which the behaviour,lifestyle,walking,speaking,education and everything changes as per those timings.

27 Nakshatra’s & 9 Planets are responsbile for the destiny of entire world. Everyone is born under certain Nakshatra & some specific position of planets due to which his / her destiny is defined.

Indian astrology is based on classical texts of Brhat Parasar Horasastra which comprise of 71 chapters. These 71 chapters were written in parts,1-51 chapters were written between 7th to early 8th centuries and later chapters from 52-71 were written in later 8th century.

Astrology is a subject of deep research,research on individual, research on various birth charts. If you only refer theory and predict on the basis of other’s theory then your prediction may be wrong. As prediction vary from time to time,in the past going abroad was considered a bad phase of life however in today’s world goig abroad is considered a “good luck”.

I have learn astrology under the guidance of my respected “Guruji” and later I have done research on thousands’ of birth chart. With the blessings of my “Guruji” and my hard work, I have started a FREE ASTROLOGY FORUM for those who can’t afford fees. With the help of this forum,I am able to help those people who genuinely need help from me and don’t have fee to pay.

I wish you all the very best and if you have questions you can ask me on my forum.

“Jai Shani Dev”

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